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Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day

Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong wrote this song about his father, who died of cancer on September 1, 1982. At his father’s funeral, Billie cried, ran home and locked himself in his room. When his mother got home and knocked on the door to Billie’s room, Billie simply said, “Wake me up when …

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Grammar Rock

  Complete the Grammar Rock worksheet by answering the questions about each video.  Be prepared to share and discuss your answers.

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How you learn!

Know yourself to improve yourself  ~Auguste Comte Use the papers given to you by Mrs. G and the links below to learn more about yourself. This assignment is worth 100 points. Personal Learning Style Inventory Multiple Intelligences Brain Dominance _____________________________ Assigned Thursday, August 16th- Due Friday 8/17

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