Caught’ya Vocab05

scrutinize: inspect carefully Verb I scrutinize each piece to look for flaws.
massive:  of or on a very large scale Adjective The massive pillars made us feel very small.
intrusion: entrance by force or without invitation Noun Pardon my intrusion into your conversation.
compromise: to come to a mutual agreement Verb We can compromise and come to an agreement.
terminate: to end or extinguish Verb I resolve to terminate my bad habits.
vital: absolutely necessary Adjective Food and water are vital for survival.
halt: come to a stop Verb I wanted to halt, but he said to keep going.
hastily: quickly or without thinking Adverb We hastily ran to catch the bus.
declare: to make known in an official fashion Verb Shout and declare the news for all to hear.
panic: be overcome with fear or anxiety Verb In case of a fire, be calm and don’t panic.
shriek: a brief loud cry, often at a high pitch Noun She let out a loud shriek when he scared her.
abruptly: suddenly or without warning Adverb She abruptly stopped talking in mid-sentence.

Complete vocabulary word diagrams for each of these words.  Do NOT use the example sentences.  You must create your own original sentences.


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