Caught’ya Vocabulary 04

1. noiselessly: accompanied by or making little or no noise; silently; quietly  (adverb) 

2. gawk: to look at something stupidly (verb)

3. horrendous: shockingly horrible (adjective)

4. hefty: large and powerful, often heavy as well (adjective)

5. precariously: in an insecure or unstable manner (adverb)

6. warily: with considerable caution and watchfulness (adverb)

7. colossal: being huge or extremely large in size (adjective)

8. rampage: violent or reckless behavior (noun or verb)

9. appalling: awful or terrible (adjective)

10. outburst: sudden and unrestrained activity or emotion (noun)

11. debris: broken and leftover pieces (noun)

12. smirk: a smug or sly smile (verb) 

13. scrutinize: inspect carefully (verb)



For homework pick one assignment:  

  1. Complete vocabulary word diagrams, one for each word  OR
  2. Visit and complete the assignments for Vocabulary 4.

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