Bell Schedule

2015-2016 Bell Schedule Jenkins Middle School

as of October 5, 2015:

School starts/1st Bell      7:50

1st Period                   7:55-8:40         (45 minutes)

2nd/3rd Period             8:43-10:11       (88 minutes)

4th/5th Period             10:14-11:36      (88 minutes)

       LUNCH*             11:36-12:36      (60 minutes)

6th/7th Period             12:39-2:10        (88 minutes)



All students will attend lunch, outside time and gym time during the hour lunch schedule unless assigned to *lunchtime learning.  Students assigned to lunchtime learning will report to the cafeteria at the beginning of lunch, get their food and report to the assigned room to finish lunch.  They will report to lunchtime learning when collected by their teacher.

*Lunchtime Learning is an opportunity for students to improve their grades and is not assigned as a punishment but for extra help and remediation. If assigned, it is mandatory for students to attend.  Failure to attend will result in discipline measures. Our goal is to help ALL students achieve success.  If your child has been assigned to Lunchtime Learning, please remind them that they must attend.


Group 1: cafeteria, outside, gym
Group 2: outside, gym, cafeteria
Group 3: gym, cafeteria, outside


Group 1 Davy Jenkins Vickers J.Massey Learning Lunch Bunch  
   R.Massey  Brauman  Shattuck  Leonard    
Group 2 Gills Miles Preston Wilson Hill Lewis
  Cordero Sheppard  Wells  A.Gastelum  Mcdonald  Oliver
Group 3 Raymond Barnett Kutsch Guy Ward A.Bennett
  Browning-Nettles Webb / Isom L.Bennett  Bush  Misamore  Hill
LUNCH TIME LEARNING  Priority Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
     Science Math Social Studies ELA Electives
Pick -up students by 12:06 7th at Portables/ 8th in room by A.Bennett


Activity Period Schedule-AA and Club Day (Fridays)


1st Period              7:55—8:10            Homeroom
2nd /3rd Period     8:13—9:41            88 minutes
4th/5th Period       9:44—11:12          88 minutes
          *Lunch        11:12—12:12        60 minutes
6th/7th Period       12:15—1:40          88 minutes

Activity Period       1:43—2:10             27 minutes

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