It’s time to prepare for the start of the new school year.  Here is a list of the basics to get your child started at JMS.  Our goal is to not only cover academics, but to help our students learn how to be more organized!  That’s why we’re stream-lining our supply list.

2-inch binder with 3 rings
3-ring binder dividers with tabs (pack of 8)
pencil pouch that can go in the binder
Loose-leaf notebook paper or spiral notebook
pens and/or pencils
Earbuds for computer use

All classes will share a single 2-inch 3-ring binder organized with dividers. That’s right! Your child needs just ONE binder in the style of your choice.  Like simple binders?  That’s great!  Would you rather use a zippered binder?  That’s cool too!  As long as it has 2-inch rings, it will be perfect!

You’ll need to have regular notebook paper or a spiral notebook (not both), a pencil pouch that fits into the binder and plenty of pencils or pens, depending on what each teacher requires.  And don’t forget the dividers.  You’ll need one for each class.  That’s 7 altogether.

Of course, we would really love any donations of tissues, hand sanitizer, and cleaning wipes.  Many teachers spend their own money to keep these supplied for your child, so any help at all would be truly appreciated.

If any other supplies are needed, each teacher will send that information home with your child or may even have it available at Open House. Thank you, parents, for being the best partners for the success of your students.