Students in Mrs. Gastelum’s 8th Grade Advanced Language Arts class recently put their evidence-collecting skills to the test! After reading the short story, “Bargain,” by A.B. Guthrie, students were asked to vote on whether the main character of the story, Mr. Baumer, was guilty of the murder of Slade, a freighter who was working for Mr. Baumer at the time of his death.  The class divided into a defense team in charge of defending Mr. Baumer and a prosecution team who had the job of showing Mr. Baumer was indeed, guilty of murder.  Once both sides were ready to present their arguments, Ms. Mast’s Advanced Language Arts class was asked to serve as the jury as a trial was conducted.  Ms. Mast served as the judge.

After both sides called their witnesses and shared their evidence, Ms. Mast led her students in a discussion to determine Mr. Baumer’s fate.  After a spirited deliberation, the jury decided, based on the presented evidence, that Mr. Baumer was not guilty of murder.

After the trial, both classes enjoyed cupcakes and sodas provided by Mrs. Gastelum.