Students: If you are interested in becoming a successful leader, consider joining UP & UP, an exclusive mentoring program that promotes scholarship, skill, and service.  Students who participate in this program will receive one-on-one mentor counseling in academics, community service, personal development, and scholarship. Interested students are required to meet and maintain certain criteria for acceptance into the program.   If you wish to be a part of this enriching, fun and exciting opportunity on our campus, please see Ms. Gibbs, Mrs. Lee, or Mr. Harris for more information.

Students: We have started counting tardies.  After the third tardy, students will receive lunch detention. Students who continuing being tardy will receive a referrals and will be ineligible for school activities.

Teachers, please remember to take attendance at the beginning of every class period. Also, when receiving information sheets and PE waivers, please turn them in daily so we can update the information in Skyward.  

Eighth graders – Palatka High will be have their annual College Night on Tuesday, September 4th from 6-7:30 p.m. in the commons area. Please make every effort to attend. You will have the opportunity to learn about different programs from over 50 colleges and universities.

There is a weekend pantry for those interested. See Mrs. Hurst for more information.

There are 21st century applications in the front office for those that are interested.